Linda and James

The 6th of June 1944 – Utah Beach, Normandy, France

(found in a dusty trunk in a dusty attic)

Dearest Linda,

It was a mad dash, a frightening run through a hailstorm of bullets. It was a mad dash to safety, but there was no safety.

This morning – before the sun came up – we crawled over the sides of our big transports and down a cargo net into our DUKW boats. We huddled together inside those for a bit while we sloshed towards the beach. Mortars whistled overhead and splashed into the water. Big geysers, boiling hot, would erupt right next to us when the shells exploded.

When we came close enough, bullets from machine guns pinged off the forward hull of our DUKW. That was our only shield, at least it was until we got close enough to the beach, and they opened it. Behind me, the driver screamed for us to get off the boat and onto the beach. In front of me, the unlucky pair placed at the head of the compartment screamed too. Then they fell to the metal floor, writhing in the waves that splashed on board.

I don’t remember it, but I ran. Off the boat and onto the beach, I ran. Past blurry figures dropping to the sand and yelling for home and momma, I ran. Past the commanders huddled behind anti-tank obstacles, past the urges and the orders and the promises of a safety yet unseen, I ran.

I ran and ran, until the shouting died down, until I found myself amongst a friendly unit handing out cigarettes and cups of bitter coffee, until the sun began to set. I must have killed someone. I know, but I don’t remember. I must have killed a bunch.

And just before I wrote this to you, to let you know that I am safe, but without safety, to make – once again – the empty promise that I will come home to you, I turned to look at the beach behind me.

Bodies, Linda, it was almost all bodies. Bodies lying face down in the sand, bodies bloated and waterlogged on the edge of the shore, bodies bobbing up and down in the current of the sea. It was all just bodies, bodies I will never forget, bodies of men who probably once said exactly what I will soon tell you, with as much conviction and as little proof.

And then, above the bodies, beyond the blood-soaked beach, I saw the sun, pink and hanging in the sky, floating slowly beneath the horizon until a new day calls it once again to do its duty.

I will see you soon, my dearest Linda.

With love forever,



The 18th of March 1942 – Germantown, Maryland

(found in a dusty trunk in a dusty attic)

Dear James,

I miss you. I miss you terribly.

You know, James, I’m not that ashamed to admit that I wish I could forget you. Not for all the time, not even for most of it, but I really wish I could forget you just long enough to give myself a break, just long enough to take a little sip of air without feeling the breath catch on a sob in my throat.

Every once in a while it hits me. This feeling hits me, and it damn near overwhelms me. It damn near knocks me to the ground.

Sometimes it’s in the heart or in the head or – if you’ll let me be so crude – right in the crotch. But usually, James, it’s right there in my gut, burning and simmering and tearing me up.

And in between all the happy moments and the memories and reminiscing, it actually does. It actually tears me up. And those moments make me want to forget it all. They make me want to forget you.

Because I see your face in these flashes that glint in the sunlight like sharpened knives, steel knives that stab and rip and tear. And it really does tear me up. It sends me to the ground, on my knees with my head back to the heavens.

I can only assume, James, that you’re in the same predicament, that every once in a while you feel some fire boiling away at your insides, some desire that – for the moment at least – cannot, shall not and will not ever be quenched.

I can only hope, James, that maybe you can forget, that you can get lost in your training and your friends for long enough to escape those knives, to avoid that tearing up feeling.

I really hope you can. Otherwise I cannot possibly see how you could make it through the next years or months or even days.

I really hope you can, and, for my own sake, I hope that I can find a way to do the same.

I cannot wait for the moment when you return, safely, to me again.

Until then, I fear that I will be thinking of you always.



The 21st of August 1941 – Germantown, Maryland

(found in a dusty trunk in a dusty attic, tucked beneath this letter)

Mama, dear,

I don’t know what the fuss is about. I’d really wish you would just calm down, Mama, please.

This isn’t rushed, and this isn’t crazy, not at all. It makes perfect sense to me.

You keep asking me what it is about him, a lot of people have, and all those questions make a lot of sense.

See, I couldn’t say easily whenever you or anyone else asked. I don’t think I can even say it now, but I can tell you this.

For everyone that I’ve ever met, I’ve found some little annoyance about them within the first five minutes of the first conversation. It’s usually nothing all that important, nothing that just makes me absolutely hate the person. It’s just the simple realization that the two of us are incongruous human beings and our relationship will be limited somehow, whatever it was destined to be. It’s just the awareness on my part that there’s this little lace veil shimmering between us and keeping us apart.

But not with James, Mama. Not with James at all. With him, everything was just instantaneous. The attraction was there from the start, and it was just attraction. It was something magnetic, nothing sexual or romantic, even. It was just the feeling that every time I saw this person I would end up talking to him until them until the sun went down and came back up and went back down again. It was the awareness that, for as long as I lived, I’d care about this person, this friend.

It’s a weird feeling to have, mama, even today. It’s a weird feeling to have because it’s coupled with this voice in the back of my head whispering that it’s all just wrong. But, Mama, it was an especially weird feeling to have when staring at the back of a little boy’s head in junior high.

But I trust the feeling, Mama.

I do worry sometimes about what it would have felt like, to have felt all of this and not even get a chance to experience it. What if that door had slammed right in my face instead of letting me through to a seat at the table?

That’s what I worry about, Mama. That’s what really gives me the shivers. But, now Mama, that didn’t happen.

So I’d really wish you would just calm down.



The 18th of August 1941 – Germantown, Maryland

(found in a dusty trunk in a dusty attic)

Dear Mr. Beaumont,

I am writing you with a simple purpose in mind, Mr. Beaumont.

I am asking for your permission because I plan to propose to your daughter as soon as I possibly can.

I do anticipate, sir, some hesitance on your part. The future is as uncertain as ever, with the Germans marching through Europe and the Japanese sailing all over the Pacific. What’s more, I’m sure you know, I am quite young, and so is your – and my – dear Linda.

I hope you do not dismiss my request easily and without much thought, sir. I am not in the best position in the world right now, but perhaps none of us are anyway. Perhaps, with my youth, my brashness and my zeal, you can just reject me with even greater ease.

Whatever your response – your initial response, I should hope – I would like to just ask you a simple question. Why can’t I decide that myself? Why can’t I decide, unilaterally and arbitrarily, what I think is valuable, what I want to do?

My youth, you may assert, deprives me of wisdom, and ability – as so many of the last generation call it – to make those ever important rational and pragmatic decisions. But youth does not preclude me from making decisions. It does not bar me from living my life, and, sir – respectfully – that is all I am hoping to do at the moment. Your daughter’s and my desire right now may be right, and it could also be a foolhardy mistake. But it will be ours. It, wearing whatever cloak of youthful naiveté you may want to toss at it, will be ours.

I’m in love with your daughter, sir. I’m absolutely head over heels for her. She’s the only one that I can see, and that’s it. I’m terribly sorry, sir, but there’s nothing you can do about that.

Disparage my wisdom and my age for as long as you care, Mr. Beaumont, but I am old enough to know one thing, old enough to think it and to believe it fully. When something comes along that blows the doors off your house, you move. You don’t sit around. You don’t try to rebuild. You chase it, whatever it is.

So please, sir, I again request your permission to marry that dear Linda.


James Trimble

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The 20th of March 1944 – Devon, England

(found in a dusty trunk in a dusty attic)

Dearest Linda,

They’ve still got us holed up here on the coast. I’m not sure what they’ve got planned for us, but it seems to be a whole big thing. At least, it seems like it’s going to be a whole big thing. Right now all we’ve got to do is smoke cigarettes and drink tea.

They’re sending us to France, that’s for damned sure. With North Africa and most of Italy already free of the Germans, all that’s left to do is free the Frenchies. The Germans’ll be ready for us, that’s for damned sure, but there’s good wine on the other side of the coast. They say there’s good women too, but I’ll be good for you, dear. I’ll leave that sort of stuff to the other guys.

Harold keeps asking about you. Maybe you remember him, the private from Bloomington, Indiana? Ever since he saw your picture back at training in Tuscaloosa, he’s been asking about you. So, he says hello, and he hopes your well. He wants you to know he’s doing well, and he’s looking forward to the wine and the women on the other side of the Nazi defenses. He keeps telling me that he’ll get one “for the both of us.” “For the both of us,” he always says. I just laugh.

Boy, are the other guys excited, like we’re all about to step on the field for the first game of a World Series or something. They’re singing songs and whooping and yelling, and I think they’ll be doing that even as we’re lining up to get on our transports. Maybe those Nazi bullets’ll finally get them to shut up.

I don’t know exactly what to expect, but I know it won’t be any baseball game. I’m just going to try to be careful. I want you to know that, Linda. I’m just going to do my best to be as careful as I can be.

I got your other picture, the one you sent a few weeks back. I don’t know if I let you know that, but I got it. You look so beautiful, Linda, standing with that big yellow ribbon tied around that big tree. You should know that, I think. You look so beautiful.

I want a big tree like that in our yard, whenever this mess is over, whenever we can just get on with our lives. I want a big tree like that, an oak with some of those thick branches for tire swings and tree houses. I want a tree and a yard and a house and some kids, and I want it all with you, dear.

I do miss you, Linda. I honestly, really do miss you.


The 18th of February 1945 – Bastogne, Belgium

(found in a dusty trunk in a dusty attic)

Dear Linda,

I’m sorry for not writing you sooner. We finally pushed back the Krauts a few weeks ago – we’re chasing them hard now, straight into Germany! – but I didn’t get out of the hospital until this morning. They said that I was out cold in a coma for ten days straight. I only really remember waking up a few times over the past couple of days. But whatever happened to me didn’t hurt me too much so don’t worry.

Maybe they’ll discharge me. That would be too bad, what with the war being so close to over, but I’d love to finally see you again. We’d finally be able to get started on that life we’ve spent so much time dreaming about.

They told me it was Valentine’s Day last Wednesday. I slept right through it! I hope you weren’t disappointed. I hope you weren’t expecting anything. But I’ll make it up to you, I promise, I swear.

This last battle was tough. I really do hope they send me home soon. I’m really getting sick of the blood and the death.

I saw a man’s heart, Linda. It was horrifying, the way he had been revealed to the world. It was a corporal, and I found him lying on his back at the base of an oak tree in the Ardennes. He must have lain over a grenade or a mortar shell because his ribs were just torn right off. I saw his heart, Linda, right out in the cold breeze, in a puddle of red slush at the base of an oak tree in the Ardennes. Somehow the thing was still beating. I don’t know why I’m telling you this.

It reminded me of seven years ago. Remember that? I cut a heart out of construction paper and scribbled a little poem on it. I walked right up to you at the dance, by the punch bowl, and I told you how I felt. I told you right in front of everyone, in that stuffy gymnasium, next to the punch bowl.

That heart I cut out of the construction paper looked nothing like his. His was raw and gross and alive.

I need to see you soon. I need to feel you warm in my arms and smell you sweet in my nostrils. I need you soon. I really hope they send me out of this place because I need to be with you soon.



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