The 3rd of July 1872 – Bannack, Montana

(found covered with flecks of gold in the shade of a cypress)


I’m sure sorry to hear of your delay, and your dog too. When you finally get back into town, do stop by or at least let me know when you’ve returned. I will try to make it to your office as soon as I get back.

I and Mary have tried out all the home remedies that we could think of already. But if you think there’s something else to try, I’ll tell you what I’m feeling. There’s not any harm in that. I finished my work for the day and could use a rest anyway.

See, Mary’ll tell you much different I’m sure, but I don’t think there’s much to bother about. It’s just a slight headache. It’s been hanging around for quite some time, maybe just a bit over two months. But for the most part, it doesn’t hurt too much.

I haven’t any idea how it started. I remember reading an announcement in the newspaper that Cindy Douglass had got engaged. I had been sweet on her for a time before I met Mary. My father and her father got in a bit of a dustup over a missing calf years back. She was always nervous to see me, it seemed.

First, I thought it was a sunburn that I got pretty bad on the back of my neck. There was a dullness aching right below where my skull ends. I felt it only when I would blink or when my attention would drift away while working on the farm. Just a dull ache that would sometimes throb when my heart would race in the hot sunshine.

Like I said before, there isn’t that much to complain about, but Mary’s quite insistent. I’m more frustrated or maybe annoyed about it than anything else.

Please stop by when you get back to town. Mary’ll fix up a cobbler, and I’ll bring up a few beers from the cellar.


Lance Killan


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