The 23rd of June 2016 – London, England

(found under a Union Jack)

Oh World,

Oh, and so the time will tell. The years will pass. We will see. We will harvest what is left of the fruits of our labours.

We will follow paths. Will we make new paths?

We will follow people. We will follow persons. Will they be worth our following them?

I met a man. He was God. He was Brahmin. He was Creator.

He told me the way. He told me the path that I would make. He told me the road to disaster and communion and how to avoid it and how to find it. He told me. He told me all.

God spoke to me, Oh World. Spoke to me indeed. Told me all there is to know.

He said “Follow your heart.” He said “Look out for yourself.” He said “There is no path to follow other than the path that lies before your feet, for your feet are the only feet that you see to be walking, and so then your feet must be the only feet that exist.”

I believe. I have found the lord. I have become at-one. It is a dusty road.

It is a barren plain.

But I trust the God that I have found.

“The righteous are the right” is what he told me. “The beauty is beheld by the beautiful” is another thing he said. “Truly the eyes through which we gaze upon the sky are the only eyes that can be trusted to exist, for their view is the only sight we see,” God told me.

I do know the way.

The way is mine. Mine is the way. My way is the way, and there is no other.

No other.

But then I turned away from the bathroom mirror. But then I blinked, and God was gone.

And I was all that was left.



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