The 17th of July 1988 – Ano Mera, Mikonos

(found by a large, round boulder)

Dear Hellene,

Quantity over quality, isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be, at least?

Do. That’s all. Accomplish. No need to do it well or poorly, only do. No need to win or lose, only finish. No need for smiles. I will trudge on – content, to be sure –  and be blank faced.

Reflection: was it good or bad? Did you enjoy it? What could have made it better, worse? No. None of that.

It was. If it still is, then it is. But there is only is and was. Not even will be, if I’m honest.

Make any sense? I’m not sure.

But really that’s all we can expect, really. That’s all we can do, really, is just do.

There are no stacks of medals for our necks. No plaques to hang on our walls proclaiming the triumph of our day. We have memories, sure, and dreams, maybe, but what – really – is the difference between the two?

Dear, Hellene, we really only really have existence, simple and mere. We only have the trudging, mundane, existence. Proudly. With pride. Trudging. One foot following the other.

That is our congratulations. That is our victory. That is our heartbreak.





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