The 13th of June 2017 – The Magic Castle, The Magic Kingdom

(this doesn’t matter much right now)

To whom it may concern –

When we all shout from pulpits, what is the value of speech?

I see no solidarity – not in the last year, not in the last decade. I see no solidarity, let alone any unity. I see only chaos, hear only tumult.

It is all so important, we would all like to believe, yet equally important as all else, yet unimportant as anything else. We can cajole, be angry, make grandiose  efforts towards rhetoric and persuasion. But there are a trillion voices, a billion sermons, hundreds of thousands of crowded mountains.

Those fettered the chains of irony, those who – just far enough away from the corpses – are capable of laughter, only add to the noise. Commands drown out tears drown out laughter drown out screams and shouts and so on.

And in the darkest crannies of the canyon of action, only echoes live.

Only echoes, all there is to hear. Only echoes. Yet important echoes.

Important insofar as the individual that is the source is so important. The individuals: important echoes.

We’ve been doomed for a while, perhaps always. Aristotle doomed us. Locke and Jefferson doomed us. The pretty snowflakes on our kindergarten walls doomed us.

There are more that have died than you. More brothers and sisters and wives lost that yours. But we are no closer to any understanding!

What do we hear when we talk if not only ourselves?

Find your pulpit, sure. Shout and keep shouting, yay. Maintain brashness and pose and presentation.

But what is the value of speech?


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