The 21st of January 2015 – Alexandria, Virginia

(found trampled beneath the feet of a thousand children waiting to be led into the big mall’s food court)

Bella Bella,

It takes constant effort.

Am I the failure?

It takes constant and conscious effort.

Wasn’t it here?

It takes a constant effort made consciously.

Is it still here now?

It takes conscious effort applied continuously.

Will it be here again

The effort is required to be constant and conscious.

Is love a truth?

Requirements dictate the effort to be constant and, primarily, conscious.

Has the dog been fed?

It must be a constant and conscious effort.

Has the trash gone out?

Effort = constant + conscious

If approximations are the basis of the world, is that world then accurate?

The effort must be conscious, constant.

Who clogged the toilet?

Conscious and constant, the effort is to be exerted.

Wasn’t It here?

Conscious, constant effort.

, Bello Bello


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