The 19th of May 2010 – Alexandria, Virginia

(found by the plot by the wing by the rock by the water and the dust where they would stand, once, a time that is a few years from now but before the next time, which would never come)


It is all so much better now.

The food tastes so much better now, once it’s been eaten, don’t you think? Now?

The air breathes so much sweeter now, once it’s been breathed, don’t you think? Now?

The water on the brow is so much cooler now, once it’s been dripped upon the brow, don’t you think? Now?

The thoughts are so much louder louder louder louder now, once they’ve all been thought, don’t you think? Now?

The smiles are so much stretchier – on the lips, stretching – now, once they’ve been smiled, don’t you think? Now?

Haven’t I been there before? Here before, with hands in hands and concern in your eyes because I got scared of the ghosts at the western wall? Haven’t I? Haven’t you?

Where does the memory go? Why does my tongue still tingle, though the spice has long ago been tasted? Where, most of all, does the memory go? Rose? Now?

The wind whips so lovely now, once it’s been whipping ‘round, don’t you think? Now?

The heart beats much faster, once it’s been beating, don’t you think? Now?

I was always suspicious that I was dreaming the world. I was always so close to waking up.

The sun is so much brighter now, once I’ve looked into the sky with eyes wide open, don’t you think? Now?

Or was it back then?



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