The 8th of March 2014 – Gardena, North Dakota

(found by a wax paper wrapper with crumbs on it and a smear of mustard)

AY Tex!

I mean, I guess I expected more shouting about it all.

What is even happening? Why?

You know, more of a fuss, I guess. I expected that. I guess I wanted that. More fanfare, maybe a trumpet.

Does anybody even know what time it is? Even if they did, would anybody even care?

We can go wherever we want. We can do whatever we want, and choose to do this. That’s fine, I guess, but I don’t even understand what’s happening. And I don’t even understand why.

Think of all the turkey sandwiches you ate. Pounds and pounds of turkey sandwiches. Not even when you in school either, but also when you turned into an adult (turned into an adult!). All those turkey sandwiches I ate, and of course I don’t even think I like turkey. I’d much rather have salami. But turkey’s been cheaper at the store, I guess. Turkey, mustard and a little cheese.

Is this it? Is this all, I mean? Again, I just thought there’d be more shouting, maybe more tears, but certainly more noise.

Here’s a fast one, Tex. You have a plain turkey sandwich, like mom used to make. Wheat bread, provolone and a couple slices of turkey. What one ingredient (one ingredient!) do you add to your sandwich? A tomato? An onion? Some mustard? Ketchup, mayonnaise? Pickles?

Pickles. That’s it for me, I’m thinking.

Maybe fireworks. I guess I must have been expecting fireworks. Something with pop. Something with boom. Or just shouting.

I don’t know. You know?

AY Tex! Keep it real. Keep on top of it. Let me know how the ball’s rolling on your side of it, yeah?



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