The 19th of December 1983 – Birmingham, England

(found posted outside the magical mask-maker’s shop)

What? You’re waiting to be recognized?

Knock, for Chrissakes. Speak up.

Just waiting for something to come along to make you feel less alone?

Well, whatever your trouble, come right in.

What do you want to be? The mask man – remember – can make you into anything. Presentation, simple and superficial presentation, is the key. The whole and entire key.

Want to seem funny? There’s a mask for that.

Want to seem smart? There’s a mask for that.

Want to wear a look of dejected despair in order to elicit pity from your peers? Of course, well, there’s a mask for that.

There’s a mask for every occasion, but – remember this – there isn’t a mask for all occasions.

No matter what the issue, no matter what the motivation, you can be whatever you want to whomever you meet.

Impress a romantic interest. Show off at a family dinner. Go up on a stage and get on TV. There’s a mask for that.

Just remember, what shows up on the outside doesn’t always reflect what’s on the inside.

Just remember, don’t mix up your masks and give anyone a fright. The friends that think you so deep and brooding might not be likely to accept your romantic lightheartedness.

Just remember – no matter what, who or where – it’s always a mask.


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