The 16th of August 1989 – Medieval England, Iowa

(found in a most excellent place)

Dear Ted Theodore Logan,

What bodaciousness, my excellent compadre. Our recent travels together, through time and space – life and afterlife – have been most definitely heinous. Most definitely heinous indeed.

However, it must be most important to note that, at times, our journey has been totally not, not, not, not, not heinous. In fact, we have been nearly overrun by complete dickbags who completely sought to ruin us by totally splitting the band apart and sending you to military school.

But we survived, totally triumphant.

Looking back, I can only think of what an excellent journey it has been and how close it came to total disaster. But we completed it successfully, thanks to our friendship. You know, the most naïve among us may well dismiss us as total losers, Ted. And your dad will probably always think we are most stupid.

But that is not what it’s about, dude. It’s about friendship and community. It’s about bringing people together with awesome music. It’s about the princesses and the air guitar. It’s about remembering one thing, and one thing only.

Be excellent to each other, and party on dude!

Most Sincerely,

Bill S. Preston Esquire


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