The 19th of October 2015 – Omaha, Nebraska

(found etched into the back of his brain, as if with a laser)


I mean, I don’t know. It’s just, hey. Hey you.


I don’t want to, I mean, I guess, well, how’s it going?

I mean, listen, it’s just that, well, I wanted to say that – and I don’t want to intrude, okay, I don’t want you to, well, just – never mind.

Okay, but are things going okay? For you, I mean.  Not me. Not for me they aren’t I mean, but never mind. I don’t want you to, well, it’s just that I guess you don’t have to anymore. 

I just keep thinking about, but you know, never mind. Don’t worry about it. Okay? It’s just that I’m still, but that’s okay so you don’t have to worry. Right. Okay.

How’s school? I heard you’re, well I mean, yeah I asked around but not like anything like a big deal or anything like that. Okay. Well. I guess I don’t know anymore.

I shouldn’t, right? Okay. I just shouldn’t. I mean it makes sense to me but when did that mean anything import- right, okay so never mind. It’s alright.

I’m just – I mean – I feel so – well, but – I keep think, okay – okay. So, that’s why I, but never mind I guess.

So I guess, but didn’t it happen? Didn’t it happen, and didn’t it mean – well, forget it I guess. 





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