The 22nd of February 1977 – Lubbock, Texas

(found at the end of a flashlight’s beam)


Curve, yes, the beauty it is there yes but where forever is it to be going, gone, going to

Curve, yes, a leg curved, curves, underneath a chair and wrapped around an ankle yes, curved always curved curving towards for just a moment tempting then curving far away curved and curved always back into the night and into the darkness to be lost curved but never found again until it decides the curve decides that it should be found again


I beheld it in a face that whipped around a carousel and me only standing there in the blare of lights and circus music cotton candy sweetness choking and hanging in the air but why and nevermore curved away around the curve, cutting through the cotton candy air in and out and back and forth around around again

I do hate it in the mirror I can find the curved edge of a spoon it’s upside down and still there always always hanging but not that curving leg that pointed to that delicate reminder that there is a place kept together with more than shoestring gum and duct tape there curving that leg by the windowsill up and to the air away away and going, gone, going too

But there the curve and back again



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