The 142nd of Ape Gill NineteenThousand and Four – Dale Has Tea Sauce

(found Ben’s heath hurt elephant)

Oh Dreary Day,

Butter water olive hours and hours and hours rafter tree making? And water rafter her taking ready-Freddy and under eddy flours so pretty on then eye toss kites.

Holly bushes! Holly blushes! Holly lushes and the tree make habe ich for sea. Tree make and her take.

Her take. Her take it all and always. Her teas so, so, so mashed. Habe ich for sea. Habe ich an dimmer an dimmer an dimmer.

Butter Oliver tree moos toboggan bee cousin the her take habe ich for seas tuna veer fin fish.

Ents should ill dung. Ents should ill dung. Amy tampon coo. Peer, oh! Pier oh! Pair, oh! Butter water olive hours tree making and her taking two before, too bees fur. Fern othering? Fur Amy ding? Mining? Yearn ting? Wash Abba eek go gnaw? Wear these her taking fee long song mice leaves. Knot a hurting mice leaves. The hay sea, own lease sea her taking fee long song mice leaves.

Ah, moor! Ah, more, more, more. Ah! Plea sir dies and wandering eyes an dimmer her take. Know moor. New more tuna fearful ah more age gain.

Her taking leave,

My Kill


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