The 14th of February 2015 – Washington, DC

(found between the blue seat cushions of a large coach bus)

My Dear,

A moment of impossibility.

Here. Is here. All too much for the words to come. Paralysis of the soul and of the spirit, fixed by a shocking beam of sunlight. Here. Right here.

Arms here. Heart here. Warmth.

Just a moment, just a few months comes out the sun for me, for us. Deserved rewards. Long fighting, hard fought battles against dark clouds threatening.

But now sun. Here sun. Here your arms and mine and here warmth.

A fleeting moment of joy. A joyful fleeting moment, gone soon but enjoyed now.

Gone soon. Soon to be gone and to be never felt again. And the feeling leaves echoes that anger the soul and the spirit, enrage a burning fire of hatred.

But now sun. Here sun. The clouds will return.

Soon the rain. Pouring down. Drench the world, the rain, the rain, the rain, the rain. As was before will be tomorrow. Drench. Rain. Rain. Rain. Tears.

Wash away memory. Wash away hate. Wash away joy. To be gone soon, and so soon forgotten. But not before the pain. But not before and always after.

But now sun. Here.

Your hand and mine.




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