The 14th of February 2015 – New York, New York

(found in the comfortable bed under the comfortable pillow in the bedroom of the apartment)

Dear Marlie,

It feels surprisingly real, tangibly so, permanent.

Like the feeling just after the shivers have been taken away by a warm, soft blanket.

Like the memory of a parched throat that takes a moment to fade after enjoying a sip of ice water.

Like the tension I feel in my face, constant and radiant and aching so wonderfully, because there hasn’t been a moment – not a single, single moment – when I have not been smiling.

This is one of those stories. This is one of those Forever Stories about the prince and the princess who meet each other by chance and then never let go of each other’s hands. This is one of those Forever Stories that I imagined for so long, dreamed of for so long. And now it is here, and it is cloaked around me like a warm, soft blanket, and it is cooling the sore back of my throat and it is keeping me smiling for each and every moment of every single day.

It feels so real, and I can feel it – in my heart, yes, but even in my fingertips.

Love. I almost cannot believe it is here.




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