The 16th of July 1967 – Charlotte, North Carolina

(found by a pile of horse manure)

Oy Marci,

You ever seen a donkey with a top hat on?

Yeah? Yeah.

You ever seen a cat with a mouse tied to its tail with a pretty pink ribbon? You ever seen a cat like that except with a saucer of milk between its paws and trying to lap up the liquid with the tip of its red tongue?

Yeah. Yeah?
You ever seen two dogs chasing each other’s tails, except running in concentric circles that get tighter and tighter until the two dogs become a single dog put together, except with one end of the dog being made of a squirrel body and the other end of the dog being made of the head of a Bengal tiger?

Yeah? Yeah?

You ever one time turned on the television, except the only thing that happens when you turn on the television is the blender in your kitchen turns on and suddenly there’s a man at your front door trying to sell you vacuum cleaner accessories, except when you go to the door and open it, it’s not a man out there at all? You ever opened the door and expected to see a man on your porch trying to sell you vacuum cleaner accessories and instead saw this little two year old seal doing tricks with a balloon on its nose like you usually see at the zoo?

That ever happened?


You ever tried to put on your shoes except when you put on your shoes you remember that thing that happened and it strikes you deep to the core and you feel the blade of a cold knife in your back and your hands start to tremble? You ever think about the first time you ever fell in love and just feel like puking out your guts? Huh?

Yeah! Yeah!

Marci, you ever had somebody look at you, I mean really look at you and hear what you’re saying to them, hear what you’re really saying to them when you reveal your true soul to them, you ever had that and had that person not flinch?




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