The 18th of March 1983 – Jasper, Alabama

(found in a bottle by the sea)

Mr. Kemenski,

You have ask yourself, right now, an important question. You need to ask yourself what you will do for truth.

Will you strive forever, seek unceasingly, walk thousands of miles – until the soles of your shoes wear thin, until the soles of your feet erupt with weeping sores and drooling blisters? Will you go the ends of the earth until this greatest need is satisfied, until this issue of utmost importance is resolved? Will you never stop on your journey?

If you will, if you will do any of that, then I must beg you to stop now before even starting.

Wouldn’t it be easy if it were a scavenger hunt? Wouldn’t it be easy if we could just collect, pick up off the ground, the things we needed, the things we wanted, the things we seek? Wouldn’t it be so damn easy?

Unfortunately, the universe is not ours to grasp, nor is it ours to put and keep in our pocket.

But wouldn’t be easy if it were?

It would be so easy.

There is no truth. There is no good, and there is no evil. We exist in the chaotic, compromised and imperceptible milieu of mitigating circumstances and impossible-to-ignore contexts. There is no blame. There is little responsibility. How are we to punish anyone else when the best of us – the most compassionate and the most selfless and the most adept – can barely see past our own noses?

There is no truth. There is nothing to seek because there is nothing to find. There is no Thing. Wisdom is gained through realizing the weakness, rather than the strength, of intellect.

So I beg you to stop.

Stop asking. Stop seeking. Stop forcing. Only understand.

And there is a lot to understand.

Miss Nechung


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