The 202nd of Spain 1A8Y – Inglaterra, Mochydochydoo

(found under the flunderdunder by the dirgus)


You don’t understand. I think I say that too much. I think I say that all the time. But you don’t understand. Right?

We’ve all got our own things, and I found out – not too long ago – that my own thing was that I could tell the future. So that’s on the table now, okay? Just relax. Okay?

I mean to say that I can tell the future, but only in a specific way. When I look at a person, Rebecca, I see them totally – all of them and all possible iterations of them, whether it’s from the past, present or future.

I see them when they’re at their greatest, in that special future contained in an alternate universe where everything goes their way.

I see them when they’re at their worst, in that damned placed contained in a hell when everything just goes wrong.

The shock of this is pretty tremendous, Beccs. That’s why I wear sunglasses all the time – even in dark, seedy places – or, especially in dark, seedy places. I’ve gotten used to it, though, and I’m able to control it most of the time. And I’m able to figure out, based on how strong certain feelings I get are, some idea of what kind of person a person is going to become.

It’s amazing how good every single person could be, if you just look at them long enough, if you just gave them a chance and some encouragement. I’d say – or maybe I’m being overly optimistic – that there’s a whole lot more good than there is bad. But – again – I’ve seen good in everybody and bad in a lot less.

So that’s why, though. That’s my explanation. You think I’m too dogged. You think I’m coming on too strong. But I have a good reason for it. I have an explanation.

You are some bright and shining light, Rebecca, and I don’t think I’m even capable of explaining why or how or really anything. All I can tell you is this, and we’ll leave it there.

You’re the best.

Because for all the good I’ve seen – all the good possibilities, I mean – I have absolutely never seen an angel like you before.

So I love you for it. Can you blame me?




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