The 12th of September 2011 – Boston, Massachusetts

(found in a frame and hooked up onto a wall, to be appreciated and such)

My dearest Max,

Remember the second half of the sentence, please!

We can all get into trouble for our simplifications, for some of us need simplicity like water or air – and, of course, some of us need the exact opposite in the same measure and for the same reasons. That is why it is of the utmost importance to remember the second half of the sentence. In fact, it’s important to stress it, almost above all else.

Yes, the first half is more destructive and flashier, and it explodes in the ear like a bomb. But the solace and the lesson comes in the second.

Greats before us, greats much greater than you or I have gotten into similar trouble with similar sentiments about one’s death or another, and who or how they’ve been killed – of course focusing on the gore and not the inspiration that follows it, that can be taken from it if attention is properly paid.

There is nothing, Max.

Absolutely nothing.

No truth. No meaning or tradition. There are no rules or values or faiths, loves, pains or disgraces. We are solipsistic consciousnesses floating through an ink black void.

And, of course, the sentence has another half.

There is nothing, Max, but what we make of it.

Choice is infinite, and the sincerity of an action is all that we have to judge another, if we ever decided to exercise petty superiority.

Just as a soundless tree can fall in an empty forest, sunsets can only be seen when we are there to see, when we are present, when we choose. And we can choose to see sunsets wherever, given that we are disposed to that sort of sight.

Of course it is possible to dwell on the blackness, but any ideology can encourage seeing evil in everything that is labelled “Other.”

We shouldn’t care about what anyone believes as long as they are able to enjoy beauty everywhere they look.

The only truth is to be true.

Keep that in mind.




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