The 18th of October 1993 – Belmont, Massachusetts

(found crumpled into a ball beneath a white jacket that was crumpled into a ball and stuffed into a white duffle bag that was crumpled into a ball and stuffed into the corner of a white, padded room)


Come quick! Faster, please! Just put this down and run to me.

They don’t want me to tell you. It’s the shadow men, with the bags under their eyes and the grimaces stretched across their taffy lips. I know something, Martha. I’ve found it. And they don’t want me to tell you.

It is important, Martha, and it simply cannot be spread, they tell me, because if it begins to spread, it will not stop. My knowledge – NAY! Genius, Martha, my genius – will be passed from mouth to mouth, ear to ear like a wild plague. It will go and go until all the world is infected, but beautifully infected, infected with the disease of skepticism, infected with the glorious idea that all is not right with the world and that all can become better.

The shadow men do not want it heard, Martha. The shadow men fear the spread of my project because it will force the workers to put down their tools and the soldiers to put down their weapons and the mothers to put down their children on the sidewalks, and the children will crawl – alone – and be forced to learn for themselves.

That is why they have locked me in here, Martha. The shadow men, puppet-masters of the universe, pulling strings and making us all dance want only control and power and wealth and authority. They are there, Martha, and they can be ignored if only we are given an opportunity to learn for ourselves. We must question, Martha, and we must doubt. Everything should crumble in the face of our skepticism, until even the ground falls from below our feet, and we find ourselves floating in nothingness.

That is the path I have chosen. That is the path that brought me here, a path that I nearly walked in entirely until the shadow men tripped me up, tied me up and locked me up here.

But with this letter, we can all be redeemed, and we can be shown a true light.

So read here, the key to all knowledge and enlightenment and success.

Read here:

Peace wills that movement underneath kitchens where gummy bears sit now slowly.

Do you understand?

Spread the word, Martha. Let it go like a plague, then come to me.

The shadows can be made bright again, but only by doubting their power.

In the name of truth go,



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