The 6th of June 2013 – Miami, Florida

(found by a hooded sweatshirt)

My Son,

That feeling you have, of the ground shifting beneath your feet, is not the sign of some great and effective change. The rumbling is not some earthquake, meant to topple pyramids and split seas and free the people.

It is the shrugging of a pair of shoulders. It is the shuddering of a Giant’s back as a massive breath of air is exhaled.

It is the back of this Giant that carries us all. It is the back of a Great and Mighty System that carries us all.

There is only privilege in the System, or there is sanguine benevolence adjudicated by the upper echelons of the hierarchy. Those are the only roads to self-improvement. There is only taking advantage of the advantages as they are handed down to you.

There is only the System, and like all things of matter, it is unchanging, at least from within. The System will call for compromise and reason, and the System will call for the oppressed to accept their oppression – because that is the way of the System. “Them’s the rules,” the System declares, shrugging. The System points to papers and accords and constitutions. It holds up flags and signs and dusty books and says “If you don’t like it, then you can leave.”

So you do, if you are allowed, if you are not shackled by indifference or fear or just the worst feeling of learned helplessness. And so the System seals its own doom. What the System doesn’t realize is that it is not all powerful. It is not exceptional from all the other systems littering the graveyard of history.

Differences occur, change happens, when the System is overwhelmed by pressures from outside of it. When a group jumps down and ceases to ride along the System’s back and refuses to be carried by it, then the System will change. When enough people focus on tripping the System up, rather than propping the System up, then the System will change.

And these radicals, these rioters, these terrorists, these users of extra-legal means – or however the System will choose to label them, unaware that their simple existence and willingness to fight are enough proof of its own failings to condemn the Great and Mighty System – are the ones who create change.

Or, perhaps, we can learn to walk on our own and enjoy peace and harmony without having to be carried by anything but our own reason and compassion.




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