The 8th of October 2003 – Topeka, Kansas

(found, but really only seen for a second because then the wind took it right out of my hands)


I watched the Sun rise yesterday. I was out to the pasture to check on the animals, and I caught the World at just the right moment. I walked through the grass and to the top of a slight hump in the earth, and I came eye to eye with Sun herself.

I’ve never seen her so close, Blessed. I’ve never been so close to Her energy before.

But I have seen Sun rise before. That thought bothered me because I have seen Sun rise before, and it’s just that it has never struck me in this way, not once during the many times I’ve seen Sun rise before has it given me such energy and such life.

So then I wondered if I had ever seen Sun rise before. Sun might have risen before with me watching, but one of us – either of us – was different, or maybe the whole World was different, and of course it was. The World is always different.

I felt a strange moment of fear, when I realized the instability of my position and of the world and of the entirety of the universe. Then I relaxed because I felt an equally strange moment of comfort and warmth and a blanketing of the soul.

I smiled at that moment, Blessed. I smiled because I realized. I realized and was affirmed.

Beauty only exists in impermanence.

Love only exists in a commitment to make that beauty last.

Love everything, Blessed, and love always. Force the beauty to last.

Oh, absurdity.




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