The 15th of June 2010 – Sacramento, California

(found under a cap and a gown)

Dear Ronny,

You’re on a precipice. We all are, like always. The feeling shouldn’t be new, the chill you get when you realize you’re peaking over the edge of something because we’re always peaking over the edge of something. We’re always looking into the nothing that could be the something of our future.

But Ronny, you’ve got a choice coming up, a few choices to be honest. There’s a whole world in front of you filled with plains and forests and jungles, rivers and lakes and mountains.

And carving through it all is The Path. Now, The Path isn’t particularly hard, but it also isn’t easy. But, by virtue of it being a path, The Path is simple to follow and quite unchallenging. It isn’t the easy way – no, that would just be stopping where you stand and refusing to move – but it is an easier way.

It will tempt you, The Path, to leave behind the forests with their beasts and the rivers with their monsters and follow it to safety and security.

But who wants safety and security? That is for children, playing games with toys, just as relaxation is for the dead, sleeping in their graves.

The Path, this easier way, it is the coward’s way. It is the way of shame and guilt and regret. It hampers self-discovery and genuine experience. It takes you away from the dark forests where you can spend many nervous nights of crisis and doubt, and it brings you towards the bonfires others use to scare away the wolfish insecurities lurking amongst those same trees. It leads you away from the battles – with nature, with others and with yourself – which, if fought, will challenge your mettle and your determination, will allow you to tap into the molten, steely essence of your being.

The Path, this easier way, is the coward’s way, the cheater’s way, the half-way. It is the way of the crowds and the way of the company, the dolts and the dreary.

Nonetheless, it is highly recommended, due to, you know, it being so goddamned easy.

Don’t take it, Ronny. Don’t be tempted, and don’t follow.

Plunge into the forests and race through the deserts. Fight and struggle and be lonely. Die at the feet of a great challenge rather than beneath the trampling and tired feet of that crowd marching along The Path.

Take the challenges. Seek them.

Then I’ll congratulate you.

Uncle Martin


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