The 3rd of February 2008 – Glendale, Arizona

(found underneath an abandoned car in the parking lot)

Dear Ray,

If you get this, I want you to know just one thing. I expected this. Who ever thought perfection was possible when we barely have anything good in the world to begin with.

It almost happened, though. It really did. It’s almost unbelievable, but it did.

With who knows how much time left, from their own twenty yard line, they did have a chance to win that game. Eighty yards and something like thirty seconds, and all they needed was a touchdown to win it or a field goal to tie it.

And this is the best offense in the history of forever, mind you. They could have done it. They could have made some smart plays, and they could have done it.

So they line up on the twenty, and Brady snaps the ball. He stands back there, and he just heaves the thing. Moss, record-setting Randy Moss, ran a seven route down the sideline. He’d run that route all year, and nobody could stop him. There he was, open again, waiting for the ball to come down.

And that ball arcs through the air, and Randy’s running underneath it, and he’s a few steps ahead of his man, and he reaches out, and he knows and we know if he catches it that it’s a touchdown, and he reaches out.

And the ball glides right over his fingertips.

I don’t know what happened next. I blacked it all out. They tried again, I assume, and then they lost in the end. They tried to make it all up with one big shot, one last-ditch Hail Mary toss and they lost it all in the end.

And now I look at where I am, and I feel like I’m trapped, stuck deep somewhere on my own twenty yard line. And I look to the scoreboard. I can’t tell, but it sure feels like I’m down. I don’t know if I need to score a touchdown, but I want to. It sure feels like I’m down. That’s all I’ll say.

I don’t know what to do, Ray. Should I just start chucking the ball, heaving up eighty yard Hail Maries and try to win with a big shot? Would that make up for it all?

Maybe I’ll just kneel down, let the clock run out, and wait for next week or next month or next year.

Either way, it feels like giving up, to be honest.




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