The 4th of March 2014 – The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Washington, D.C.

(found, stained with tears and crumpled into a ball, at the foot of it)

My dear Mary Lou –

My trip to The Nation’s Capital (that’s the official name according to all the souvenir shops) is going so well. I’ve seen so much, all those sights. I’ve seen so many people, all in fresh-pressed, dark-colored clothes, all walking fast like they’ve got an important place to be.

I’m sorry you couldn’t make the trip. I guess you could blame it on being the older sister and mom needing you around the house, but I’ll thank you for your kindness and your generosity. I wouldn’t have made it without your sacrifice.

I’ve spent almost the whole time down at the National Mall. The guidebooks say you can get through it all in one day, but I’ve gone three days straight and I haven’t made it halfway through yet.

They built all these things, like shrines, to all these great heroes. It’s pretty incredible. I sat at Jefferson’s feet and read his greatest quotes. I stared into Lincoln’s face – you know how I love Lincoln – and I watched him battle against the weight of a divided union.

But there’s one place I keep going. It’s one place I haven’t actually left yet, at least not without parks service personnel finding me in the dark and telling me to go back to my hotel.

There’s a wall for the Vietnam War.

It’s just all these names.

Names. I can’t get over what happened to these young men. Here they are, turned into nothing more than names. Names that once smiled and laughed and loved, but then were shipped over a big sea to fight a war. Names that cried at night for home and for mother. Names that bled out in a sticky jungle. Names now carved into a wall.

They’ve had their whole humanity squeezed into a simple name.

Is that all anyone sees in anyone else? I keep thinking that. Is that all anyone sees? Just a name?

But, somehow, it’s enough. In fact, it’s just too much. I stand and stare at this wall, this inky black wall, and I hear thousands of voices crying these names. Mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers all screaming out of the darkness, all begging for one last conversation, one last opportunity, one last goodbye.

I tried to remember some of them, but there are too many. Too many Davids and Toms and too many Patricks and Peters. There’s just too many of them.

Is that going to happen to all of us?


Inspired by many personal journeys to that gabbro wall.

Inspired by these three photos by Carissa Snedeker.

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  1. A wall of people now departed who back then had just started. I could have been on that wall but now stooped not so tall. It happened so long ago, when the nation paused in hesitation. Right or wrong I do not know, it was such a long altercation

    1. Correct decisions time may tell,
      But not until the final bell.
      I offer humbly, just my art,
      With statues crumbling, lacking heart.
      History, if lie or true,
      Has rough times, but I’m glad we’re through.

    1. Thank you for reading. I hadn’t heard of that book, but it looks fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There are so many times when I ponder at similar feelings in my life. I have come to realize that the only ones who will truly get to know me are my parents, my spouse, and my own children. It makes me question the whole idea of leaving a legacy. This piece is definitely a reflection of human emotion that too often goes unnoticed.

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