Month: March 2014

The 12th of April 1983 – Portland, Oregon

(found by the place, but not exactly the place, where it was meant to be)

Dear Beverly,

Thank you for writing. I’m glad to hear that you are well. I’m glad to hear that the kids are well, too. It sounds like things are going alright with you. That’s alright. That’s great.

I’m good, you know? It’s like, I’m good. I know it, too. I’m good, but that’s just it. I’m good.

But then, everything might go wrong one day. That’s there too, that everything might go completely and totally wrong. But I’m good, at least today, at least now. I’m good, and everything might go wrong one day. At least I know that day isn’t today. That time isn’t right now. So I’m good.

Everything’s always different, though. I don’t understand that. And nothing ever seems to actually change. I don’t understand that either. But still, I’m good. Don’t worry about that. I don’t worry about anything like that, anything that turns different without ever changing. I don’t worry about that. I’m good.

I get these itches sometimes, though. I get these itches, but the doctor says there’s no rash. But still, I itch and itch and it itches tremendously. It itches and itches like I’m just in the wrong skin, not that it fits me too tight or too loose, just that it’s the wrong skin.

I scratch at it, you know, like a werewolf, sometimes. I feel like tearing it off, just tearing it straight off my body to see what’s underneath there. Maybe I’m really a werewolf, maybe underneath all of this, I’m just a werewolf and all I have to do is claw off all this skin, you know? If I could tear it all off, and I’m a werewolf, then that’s just what I’d be. Maybe things would change finally, just once and for all change. No longer just be different, but actually change.

Dear Beverly, just don’t worry about it. I’m good. I’m good, maybe just a little tired. The doctor says not to worry about the itch. He says there’s no rash or anything to be worried about, so just don’t worry about it. I don’t worry about it. I’m good.

I’m good.

Something is going to change, though. I’m sure. And everything is going to go wrong one day. I’m sure of that, too.

I’m good, though.

It was nice to hear from you, Beverly.

I’m good.



The 9th of February 1974 – Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

(found buried in a spinster’s sock drawer; amongst a collection kept in a folder which was labeled “If I Had The Courage”)

George, oh George, oh George,

They want me to stop, George, they do. I want me to stop George, really, I do.

It doesn’t make sense to me anymore. That’s the whole thing. That’s the confusion of it all. They keep saying I’m infatuated. They keep saying it’s a crush, an obsession, like I’m a little six year old.

Immature infatuation. That’s what they call it, George. But it can’t be. It just can’t.

But, see George, they make it so insignificant. But if it’s so insignificant, then why does it seem so significant to me?

Really, George, I wish it were that easy. I really just wish it were so simple. I wish it were just a little bubble in my gut, a little tumor of this infatuation, this growing, crying, throbbing mess. I wish it were there because, if it were, I’d go into my kitchen, and I’d grab a knife. I’d cut it right out of me, George, I really would. I’d cut it right out of me and go deep into the woods just to bury it. I’d bury it so that nobody else ever has to deal with it too. I would, George. I’d cut it right out of me. It’d be so much easier.

That first time you came into the room, George, just let me tell you what happened. That first time, you drained my whole world of color. You just sucked out all the light. George, when you walked into that room, everything just went straight to black and white, and the sound got all tinny and muffled like an old-time movie. George, George, there was one thing that wasn’t dull and grey left in that room. There was one thing that was bright and vibrant, George. That thing was you. That’s what it’s like, George. That’s what it was like, at least.

I’m sick, George. I’m sick for you. I’m sick, and I’m wounded, and I’ve got this knife jabbed into my belly, and I’ve got this tumor, and I’m about to vomit all the time. George, I’m just sorry, that’s all.

I’m just sorry. I’m sorry if I bothered you, or if I followed you too close or if I looked at you too much from down the supermarket aisle or anything at all. I’m just sorry. And, George, I’m just sorry that I ever had to meet you.

That’s it, George. That’s it.



The 16th of December 1953 – Cornish, New Hampshire

(found at the foot of a long, sloping, gravel driveway)

Why, Margaret?
You always ask me why I do this, why I sit here and “torture” (your words, never mine) myself this way.

I’ll tell you why. See, Margaret, this stuff is coming out no matter what. I feel it inside me, this bubbling, this curdling, this turbulent slop, these thoughts and these ideas. They’re in there, and they’re coming out no matter what.

I feel it just beneath my skin. It’s scurrying around and bouncing off my insides. When I look for it, I can almost see it, and if other people can see it too, well then, that’s why they keep their distance, I guess.

And it’s just bound to come out, Margaret. It’s just going to. Sometimes I can control it. I force a little belch and a little puff of it, like cigarette smoke, floats away from me and gets trapped in my notebook. Sometimes there’s nothing I can do to stop it, and the whole lot of it just runs out of my mouth like a river and paints paper black with ink.

And then, sometimes, I just have to get it out of me. Sometimes I stand over my typewriter and take a penknife in my hand. I trace a smile across my stomach and let that coagulated goop drain out and splatter over my desk and splash over the keys of my typewriter and fill the page with these thoughts, these ideas.

And it does hurt, a little, just at first. It hurts just to get started, but then it all starts flowing out of me, and I can relax just the slightest bit. And it flows and flows, and I feel such relief, relief compounded by the greatest, most glorious bout of exhaustion a man could feel, I think. When it’s all finished, I’m completely drained, Margaret, of thoughts, of energy, of ideas, of pretense. Then I slump my shoulders for a minute.

And when the ink has dried on all of these pages, there is one last thing to do, one last “torturous” (your words, never mine) thing to do. I send them off, away into the world, into the dark night. I send them off, and I hope they bring something back to me, as I recover, as more thoughts come back, as the stuff inside me starts to bubble and roil. Maybe it’ll be a genuine response. Maybe it’ll just be an echo of my own wailing, but hopefully it’ll bring something back.

So, Margaret, that is why.




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The 13th of July 1992 – Leadville, Colorado

(found taped to the window of a cable car)

Hello Benny,

I’ve been sliding for a while now. Sliding is how I’d put it, not slipping or skiing, just sliding.

I had made it to the peak of this mountain. I made it all the way to the top of it. I stood there, and I looked at the sun and the clouds. They were above me, like always, but they seemed to be so much closer, almost within reach. I stood on a little plateau and I looked over what was below me. I saw the town and the people and the cars, and I saw all those places where I had stood, those places where I had stopped and looked up at this exact peak.

I felt something, up there on the peak. It was the strangest sensation of being completely alone, while being completely surrounded by people. I felt unique and special and still lost in a crowd. I kept rubbing my hand because I felt someone next to me clutching at it, gripping it tight. I swear there was a woman next to me grabbing at my hand and rubbing my shoulder. But whenever I looked, the place was empty. All that was there was the mountain breeze and a little rodent rustling in the bushes.

There I was, unique and special and at the top, but feeling incredibly lost. There I was, with someone next to me and grabbing for my hand, but standing completely alone.

I took a step forward, and I hopped down from that little plateau I was standing on. I landed flat on my butt, and I bounced for a few feet. Then I settled onto the dirt and slid. I slid and slid, sometimes lying flat with stones and gravel digging into my back. I slid and slid, sometimes rolled onto my stomach and clawing desperately with my fingers to keep my place. But I slid and slid. Still I slid and slid.

So I ended up here again, at the base of the mountain. It’s back where I started, I guess, except now I know that reaching such a height is possible. It’s possible, but it’s difficult, and it’s scary, and I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I think I might be better off with the people and the town and their flat and grassy fields. I think I might be better off down here and well out of arm’s reach of the sun and the clouds.

But I really want to get back up on that peak again.

I think I have to.

See you soon,


The 21st of August 1941 – Germantown, Maryland

(found in a dusty trunk in a dusty attic, tucked beneath this letter)

Mama, dear,

I don’t know what the fuss is about. I’d really wish you would just calm down, Mama, please.

This isn’t rushed, and this isn’t crazy, not at all. It makes perfect sense to me.

You keep asking me what it is about him, a lot of people have, and all those questions make a lot of sense.

See, I couldn’t say easily whenever you or anyone else asked. I don’t think I can even say it now, but I can tell you this.

For everyone that I’ve ever met, I’ve found some little annoyance about them within the first five minutes of the first conversation. It’s usually nothing all that important, nothing that just makes me absolutely hate the person. It’s just the simple realization that the two of us are incongruous human beings and our relationship will be limited somehow, whatever it was destined to be. It’s just the awareness on my part that there’s this little lace veil shimmering between us and keeping us apart.

But not with James, Mama. Not with James at all. With him, everything was just instantaneous. The attraction was there from the start, and it was just attraction. It was something magnetic, nothing sexual or romantic, even. It was just the feeling that every time I saw this person I would end up talking to him until them until the sun went down and came back up and went back down again. It was the awareness that, for as long as I lived, I’d care about this person, this friend.

It’s a weird feeling to have, mama, even today. It’s a weird feeling to have because it’s coupled with this voice in the back of my head whispering that it’s all just wrong. But, Mama, it was an especially weird feeling to have when staring at the back of a little boy’s head in junior high.

But I trust the feeling, Mama.

I do worry sometimes about what it would have felt like, to have felt all of this and not even get a chance to experience it. What if that door had slammed right in my face instead of letting me through to a seat at the table?

That’s what I worry about, Mama. That’s what really gives me the shivers. But, now Mama, that didn’t happen.

So I’d really wish you would just calm down.



The 7th of June 1983 – Laurel, Delaware

(found on Willow Street, the part that runs over Records Pond Dam)

Let me tell you where you’re going wrong, Tommy.

Let me tell you where they’re all going wrong.

We’re talking about labels, Tommy, names. The issue, the issue I have, is that often times these things are not representative of what they are stuck to. Oh, no. See, they’re projections of what we want those things to be.

A chair is a chair, Tommy, I get that. That’s simple. A chair is a chair, and all it can be is a chair. It’s just blocks of wood. It’s just nails and glue. A chair. Good job.

But, see, when we talk about people, when we talk about human beings, we aren’t talking about things or objects no more. We aren’t talking about chairs.

We’re talking about human beings, and there’s some ethereal quality to that, to us. There’s something that isn’t just in a name or a label, no matter how much glue we use, no matter how many nails we hammer through it.

But that’s too complicated. Tommy, for everyone else that’s just too much. We need handles for things, right? We need things to grab on to so we can carry that stuff around, so that we can fit it nice and neat in our pocket.

And that’s where we go wrong. And that’s where we miss out.

I don’t understand it, but there are these people that just roll themselves around in these words like they’re an ice cream cone getting doused in rainbow sprinkles. They tell you they’re a contractor and a horseback rider and a yoga aficionado and an amateur chef. They say all that as if it means a damn, as if it’s who they are, as if they aren’t just wrapping themselves in a warm blanket to protect themselves from the cold nothingness of the night.

I met a guy, he said he was a lawyer. I looked at him funny. I had asked him who he was, and he said he was Brad, and he said he was a lawyer. See that was all he said, and I couldn’t believe it. Two words encompass the totality of your existence? And I just sat there, wondering how much of him is lawyer and how much of him is just acting like how he thinks a lawyer is supposed to act.

That is the danger of labels. That is the danger of names. When we apply them, to ourselves or others, we change who we are. Tommy, we aren’t lawyers or doctors, no. We are human beings with conceptions of what it is to be a lawyer or a doctor, and so we mold ourselves and change ourselves and limit ourselves to become a lawyer, to become a doctor – at least what we think those things should be.

No, see, Tommy, it’s more complicated than that. Life’s more complicated than that. To be who you are is much more complicated than that, so complicated that all the names and all the labels are just inconsequential. There’s something more. Tommy, there’s always something more. Don’t insist on anything, don’t let others insist for you, and don’t take anything for yourself because there’s always something more, more than just a name.

Keep your head up,


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The 6th of October 1981 – Idaho Falls, Idaho

(found rolled into a cylinder and stuffed into the exhaust pipe of a Ford F150)

To my Sonja:

I’ve done it, but just barely. I’ve finished it, but the whole thing came in just under the wire.

I have nothing to say for the moment, only to let you know that I have arrived, that I have made it. It’s wondrous to consider just how far I was able to go while just sitting in my study, at my desk, in front of a typewriter.

It feels terribly amazing. I feel like my head is being squeezed in a vise, and it’s starting to split and crack and ooze like a rotten melon. It aches, but barely. It aches, but like a thousand pound block of ice is resting against my forehead. The weight is crushing me, but the cool eases it just enough to make it all worthwhile.

This journey has left me weak, and I feel as if a part of me has been taken out of my being. But, somehow, I feel more than I once was, weakened and somehow strengthened by it.

I feel the fever of a great flu floating around me. It’s swallowed me and relaxed me and pushed me oh-so-gently down onto my bed.

I just want to lay down and rest my head on a pillow. I just want to sit in this moment, this feeling of emptiness and accomplishment, and relax. I know it will drift away – this cloud, this fog – but for the moment it does linger, so I will let it.

I’m sorry to be so brief, but this is all that is left at the moment.





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