The 6th of March 1997 – Fishkill, New York

(found taped to a mirror in her bathroom)

Dear You,

I just got back in from a walk, and I’m feeling a bit woozy. I was out for, well, I’m not sure how far I went or how long I was gone, but I’m feeling a bit woozy. I haven’t eaten in, well, a while I guess. I haven’t slept either, too. I had some water, just when I came in from the walk. So don’t worry, I’m drinking water. I know how you worry.

I bought one of those toy basketball hoops. They had it at the pharmacy a few blocks down the road. Now I have it hanging over my bedroom door. The thing just makes me so happy, tossing that orange rubber ball at the little plastic hoop. And the hoop just hangs there. No matter what you do, the hoop just hangs there. It just sticks to the doorframe like a goddamned object, and it lets whatever just bounce right off it.

I’m so happy. I’m not sure why, but I am. It’s amazing how happy you can be when you just, well, when you just decide to be, when you let that happiness just become its own thing that floats out of you and hangs there, like a little toy basketball hoop, like a goddamned object.

Happiness can be created, and once it’s created it can be held onto. Personas can be crafted out of pure nothing. The opportunities are limitless. You just have to tell yourself. You just have to make yourself.

Every time you’re down, I want you to remind me of the time you bought this little toy basketball hoop and the afternoon you spent laughing and throwing a little rubber ball at it. Every time you’re down, I want you to remind me of the time you went on this walk, of the time you saw the sun set over the Hudson, of the time you made him laugh and laugh and made yourself laugh too.

You can do that. You can tell yourself what you need to hear. Do it sometimes, at least, if not all the time, just enough to get by.

You have no obligation to the world. Neither does it to you, of course, but remember that. You are free to make what you please out of whatever you please. You don’t have to let it drag you down. You can cut it loose and let it fall away while you soar into the goddamned sky.




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