The 12th of November 2013 – Washington D.C.

(found at the 50 yard line of a football field, the edges of the paper scorched and burnt)

Name Missing

I don’t even know where to start with you because you just don’t seem to get it, you know?

You know whenever you’re around, I just stop talking. I have to spend every little piece of my brain trying to focus on something else because I know that if I look at you, I won’t be able to stop.

You know?

There are these things that happen to us, and there are these people that we meet, people who come and go and people who you always end up forgetting. I’m just tired of forgetting, you know?

And maybe it’s a bolt of lightning, whatever this is, but I really hope it isn’t because as explosive as lightning is, it fades so quickly. But at least you remember it. You can’t just forget it, you know?

When you walk in a room I suddenly understand why all those clichés exist. I just can’t stop thinking them, saying them, and I wish that I could add a thousand more to the collection.

I’m not sure if I can say it. I’m not sure if I can describe it. But I’ll try.

See, your name scribbled on a tiny sheet of paper sends shivers down my spine. The sight of your face is a slap to mine. My hands are shaking, my fingers are twitching right now just thinking about it, about you.

And I can’t tell, I really can’t, you know, if it’s all just in my head. I can’t tell because most days it ebbs and flows. Some days I can walk around like nothing’s happening. Some day’s my knees quake and my lips quiver and I don’t stop blinking because I know it’s the only way to keep back the tears. Those days I just lay down and curl up and wait.

I mean, it’s all so dramatic, and it’s all so unnecessary, but everything is anyway, you know? People come and go. You love and forget. Nothing’s going to make any difference in that respect. Nothing’s going to make a difference, but sometimes you just feel something. Sometimes you just feel something and you know, and you know that you’re never going to forget it, you know?

I could love. I’m sure of it. I know I could. I could love you. I could love you forever.

You know?

I mean, we could at least be friends.



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