The 14th of October 1973 – Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

(found buried in a spinster’s sock drawer; amongst a collection kept in a folder which was labeled “If I Had The Courage”)

Oh George!

You should have seen the clouds, George. You really should have. They just danced, slid across the sky – George, they really did – and they let the sun’s light flicker through without a care in the world.

Do you think they worried about falling down? Or hitting the ground? Do you think they wondered about their shadows, George? I would, wouldn’t you?

They were so high up there, George. They really were. And they just looked down on everything: the buildings, the people, the streets. They even looked down on the forest of leaves burning bright orange and yellow. Even the church and its big steeple couldn’t reach them all the way up where they were. The clouds looked down, but I don’t think the clouds saw any of it. I don’t think they cared.

I really wish I could draw, George, just to preserve it. I’d show it to you. Well, I’d even hang it on a wall, and just stare at it myself. I’d stare at it for days and days. I really would. What a sight it was. And I saw it! I wish I could draw, but all I have are these words, and I fear that they are just inadequate.

Oh George! The clouds cut through the air like ocean liners, or like those great big, majestic whales, streaming through the air’s current, shining in the sun’s spotlight. It was just so beautiful. It was just so beautiful. It was just so…

Really, George, you should have been there. You really ought to have been there, right next to me, sitting there, looking out the window at the trees and their leaves and the people and their street. But the clouds, George! You really should have seen the clouds.

Maybe I looked in the sun too long. Nothing looks as bright since I’ve seen it. I fear that even your face might grow dull to me, George. It was just so bright. It was just so beautiful. Oh, you really should have been there.

And that’s the thing George. I don’t have to share it with you, but I want to. I really want to. And that’s what makes me happy. You really should have seen it.

With love forever,

Thinking of you,




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