The 25th of November 2004 – John F. Kennedy International Airport

(found tucked behind the front cover of the fall issue of Spirit, Southwest Airlines’ inflight magazine)

For You:

Do you know where we’ve been?

When I shuffled past you with my luggage dragging behind me, I barely saw your face. I only remember that you looked up at me and smiled. I only remember that – when I saw that you had smiled in my direction, for what reason I’ll never know – I remember that I felt incredible. I felt calm and terrified. I felt honored and inspired and it was like I had been set on fire and it was all because I saw that you had smiled at me.

You couldn’t imagine where we’ve been, the two of us. I’ve been sitting here in 15D watching the back of your blonde head in 11B for the past three hours. I’ve been traveling – with you – through all of space and time. You couldn’t imagine what I’ve seen, where I’ve been.

I’ve heard your laugh echo through the restaurant on our first date. I’ve traced the outline of your torso in the sheets of a hotel bed on our first night. I’ve watched you dance in the arms of your grandfather during our wedding reception. I’ve felt you shudder as you cried into my shoulder after your mother’s funeral. I’ve seen you smile a thousand times over, and I’ve felt each and every single one burn love and passion into the depths of my heart just like it did the first time.

We’ve been all over the world. We’ve sat on a Parisian balcony and watched the sun set over the Seine. We’ve held hands on a Shanghai sidewalk and looked over the crowded Bund. We’ve been everywhere I could imagine. I’ve brought you everywhere.

But I’ve just been sitting here. And you’ve just been sitting there, so far away.

I just wonder, do you think about me the way I think about you? Could you ever?

Even if the only thing you leave me with is the sight of the back of your head leaning against the headrest of an airplane seat, I’ll thank you and I’ll love you and I’ll still think of you. I’ll still think of you. And that thought is much more than I deserve.

Anyway, after all the time we’ve spent together, I have to ask you something.

Could I spend the rest of my life with you? Could I take you out for a drink? Could I make you laugh? Could I ask you for your name? Could you at least turn around?

Harold Blinnery


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